In 1981 our story began with the our strong will to originate a specialized hair solution, which would be of purely natural and effective at the same time, in order to ease hair and scalp problems of the Thais. Thus, we invited many hair and scalp experts to collaboratively research and develop effective formulas. At last, we came up with our first product called “Bergamot®” that delightedly received a warm welcome nationwide, and became highly trusted among this specific category in the market.

From that success, we fully stepped into the industry by maximizing investment and developing more products covering all hair concerns. We have always prided to be part in helping people to heal and cure problems related to hair and scalp, as we believed that products based on great intention would remain long in the league, and we had proved it righteously for over 3 decades on this path. 

Today, we are engrossed in passing through our legend to people of the upcoming generation with “Be Genuine” notion. We take our identity to the next level, redefying who we are and sharing our legacy without leaving our true self behind, for we believe that being genuine comes from being self-assured in our own right.  

That’s how Bergamot has been and will always be.


We are all rooted from nature. So, when we need a healing, we should go back to nature as well. This is bergamot’s primary belief that inspires us to always create the best natural hair so as to allow hair and scalp to rest and resurrects step by step by the kind treat of nature. The edge result may take time but in the end our customers can expect safe and sustainable outcome in return.


We believe that nature is the best thing for mind and body as it has been fostering life balance of all beings and will always do. Thus, we hold on tight to the mercifulness of nature and shall be incorporating the power of nature with modern science so as to bring out the innovative creation the best we might to benefit everyone’s hair and in conformity with natural pathway.